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Water purifier filter manufacturers introduce several drinking water safety knowledge
Release date: 2018/12/4 11:19:42  Clickthrough rate: 1896
As people's health awareness continues to increase, health and drinking water safety issues have become a topic of concern, but water purifier filter manufacturers have found that many people do not know what characteristics of water quality is healthy water quality, how to drink water to maximize the body's benefits In water, that is to say, we still don't know how to make scientific drinking water. Therefore, it is especially important for water purifier filter manufacturers to understand the concept of scientific drinking water and to establish scientific drinking water awareness and learn to drink safe water. Specifically, drinking water safety knowledge includes the following aspects.
First, choose drinking water common sense

Drinking bottled water or boiling water should be preferred. If there is no condition to boil water, you can drink the disinfected water after disinfection; the water purifier filter manufacturer reminds you not to drink contaminated water, and can not be used for turbid, color washes, etc. The water purifier filter manufacturer introduces the priority of selecting the well water and spring water, and also the river bank percolating water. At the same time, pay attention to the water disinfection equipment should be disinfected frequently, and rinsed with clean water, generally the water with disinfectant taste is safer drinking water.

Second, measures to protect drinking water sources

Household RO film manufacturers should pay attention to the 50 meters around the water source well or 30 meters along the surface of the water source. It is forbidden to build toilets and livestock circles. It is forbidden to discharge manure, sewage or dump garbage, and no pesticides should be sprayed on the water source. There is also a water purifier filter manufacturer that emphasizes the uniform disinfection and management of manure, and the animal carcasses are promptly removed and immediately disposed of in landfill. The landfill site should be more than a few hundred meters away from the water source and away from the daily life of the residents. The quicklime should be added in proportion to the landfill at the specified depth and marked.

Third, a simple method for judging drinking water quality

It can usually be observed with the eyes first. The clean water should be colorless, free of foreign matter, and dead animal bodies. The water purifier filter manufacturer can also smell it with the nose. Generally, the clean water has no odor; then it is placed on the tongue. Taste, clean water has no taste, if you find acid, glutinous, bitter, numb, spicy, sweet and so on, you can not drink. The water purifier filter manufacturer emphasizes that if further confirmation is required, it can be tested by scientific methods and can only be consumed after passing the test.

The above is the safety knowledge of several drinking waters introduced by the water purifier filter manufacturers. In addition, there should be some understanding of drinking water disinfection methods in case of emergency. Water purifier filter manufacturers introduce household and personal water use boiling disinfection effect is reliable, the method is simple and easy; can also use bleaching powder and other halogen preparations to disinfect drinking water; if the well water should calculate the well water volume according to the well water depth and diameter, calculate the disinfectant proportionally The volume is dosed.